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This Set Contains

  • MAMA NOI: Secrets from an Asian Mama's Kitchen x 1
  • Mortar and Pestle x 1

Whether you’re crushing ingredients for a curry paste, mixing an epic marinade or just smooshing up some spicy chillies to make a delicious meal, a mortar and pestle is essential item in any kitchen and Mama Noi uses hers almost every day. 

Grab your copy of Mama Noi's first ever cookbook and our sturdy granite mortar and pestle and you'll be set to create her classic retro recipes just like the ones from the Chinese and Thai restaurants... only done the Mama Noi way. Full of secrets. And full of flavour.

MAMA NOI: Secrets from an Asian Mama's Kitchen

  • Hardcover
  • Full colour
  • 240 pages
  • First Published in 2023 by Oriana Press
  • Copyright c Marion Grasby and Noi Paew Grasby 2023


  • 18x18x12cm / 7x7x4.7”
  • Holds up to 700ml | 23.5 fl oz


  • 18x4.5x4.5cm / 7x1.7x1.7”

Mortar and Pestle

Our beechwood base is wipe clean only, while the granite component can be handwashed with warm, soapy water.

Don’t be afraid to give the granite parts a good scrub to remove any flavours.

Dry completely after each use.

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