MAKO Watch & Chop 18 Chopping Board Kit

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The MAKO Watch & Chop 18 Board is crafted from premium acacia heartwood and designed to last a lifetime.

A performance piece to leave out on your kitchen benchtop, this board is your go-to companion for slicing, dicing and prepping. With its natural self-healing properties and a little love and care, your MAKO board will last for years to come.

PREMIUM QUALITY Crafted from premium acacia heartwood and using time-tested production methods.

HIGH PERFORMANCE Better for your knives, the MAKO board helps protect blades from blunting. Optimal size and weight for stability.

BUILT TO LAST Natural self-healing properties mean the wood fibres knit back together over time, unlike glass or plastic boards.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN One side features a holder for your tablet or phone, making it easier to follow your favourite recipes as you chop. On the reverse you’ll find a juice channel to catch liquids, preventing them from spilling onto your benchtop.

NON-SLIP Includes eco-friendly non-slip mats to ensure no slipping or sliding while cutting and prepping.

WARRANTY: The MAKO Watch & Chop 18 Cutting Board Kit comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

Your MAKO Watch & Chop 18 Chopping Board Kit Includes

MAKO Watch & Chop 18 Cutting Board

2 x Non-Slip Mats

Cutting Board


32.5x46x3cm / 12.8x18x1.2"

2.7kg / 6lb

Made in Thailand

Non-Slip Mats


Made in China


Clean your board with warm, soapy water and dry with a soft towel. Avoid soaking it in water, and steer clear of the dishwasher. To keep your board in great condition, season occasionally with natural vegetable oil.


Do not place hot pots and pans on your cutting board or non-slip mat.

Do not use non-slip mats on lacquered surfaces."