Asoke, your deliciously stylish friend.

For everything you need to dine, cook, and gift in style.
These are beautiful things that engage the senses through design, colour, texture and use.
Asoke is crafted to shine in a well-loved life; it’s thrived and survived a Saturday night in with the best of friends. Get that effortless magic at home.

Blending new and old techniques to create unique small-run, hand-touched products

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For a life well-lived

Asoke is a homewares brand founded by Marion Grasby — a woman who loves the process of cooking, of having people over, of hosting a fabulous time. You’ve welcomed her into your home with food and recipes — now she comes bearing incredible things you’re set to love (because she loves them too).

Unique beauty

The perfect blend of functional, beautiful and unique. Trend-forward, but the ones that work for us and for you. Art created for longevity.


Made to be loved. Products that have survived and thrived the everyday and endless celebrations. Meal after meal, and cheers after cheers.

Made with care

Making homewares even more magical with small-run collections. Blending new and old techniques to produce hand-touched products.