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Frequently asked questions

It can often take years to develop a proper seasoning on a plain carbon steel surface and be quite difficult to achieve. By pre-seasoning the MAKO Black Steel, the seasoning process has been accelerated. Meaning your items will perform as it should – immediately – straight out of the box.

The MAKO Black Steel range is partially nitrided, but undergoes its own special propriety process using heat, nitrogen and natural oil to create the unique finish that is Black Steel.

No, this is not a chemical or traditional non-stick coating. The MAKO natural non-stick is created from our black steel process (as above).

Yes, because MAKO doesn't use traditional chemical non-stick coatings, the black steel cookware is free from all PFOAS or PTFEs.

Yes. To continue to build the natural patina, you should clean your wok as instructed, dry it completely and lightly re-oil the surface after each use.

You should always use oils that can handle high heat, such as vegetable or canola oil. Never use oils like olive oil, which has a lower smoking point.

A patina is a layer that gradually builds on your cookware over time, creating an easy-release surface. This process occurs during seasoning and also when oils and fats are released during cooking. The patina adds flavour, increases the natural non-stick ability and enhances the cooking experience. To maintain your patina, it is important to carefully follow the cleaning and aftercare instructions.