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MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set
MAKO Wok & Lid Set

MAKO Wok & Lid Set

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Delivery to Australia / New Zealand: Early August 2024

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Each set contains:

  • MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok Kit x 1
  • MAKO 14 Wok Lid x 1

Designed in our Melbourne studio.

The MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok is crafted using pre-seasoned black carbon steel for ultimate performance.

By pre-seasoning the MAKO Black Steel 14, we’ve accelerated the seasoning process. Meaning your wok will perform as it should – immediately.

The MAKO Wok Lid has been designed to be the perfect partner to the MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok, opening up more possibilities for high-performance cooking techniques.

Explore new culinary capabilities such as steaming, smoking, poaching and braising with this versatile add-on accessory, all while enjoying the fast heating and temperature control functionality of the MAKO Black Steel Wok.

Mako Black Steel 14 Wok

  • Carbon Steel / Beechwood
  • 37x59x14.8cm / 14.5x23x5.8"
  • 1.5mm thickness
  • 1.6kg / 3.5lbs total weight


  • Silicone
  • 20x20x0.8cm / 7.8x7.8x0.3"


  • Beechwood
  • 34.5x7.5x1.7cm / 13.5x2.9x0.6"


  • Beechwood / Stainless Steel
  • 39.5x14x7cm / 15.5x5.5x2.7"

Wok Brush

  • Beechwood / Sisal
  • 5.4x5.4x9cm / 2.1x2.1x3.5"

Wok Lid

  • Aluminium Steel/Beechwood with premium high heat non-stick coating
  • 35x35x11cm / 13.7x13.7x4.3"
  • Designed to fit seamlessly with the MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok

Wok - Made in Taiwan

Lid - Made in Taiwan

Accessories - Made in China

MAKO Black Steel 14 Wok


Before the first use, wash the wok with only hot water and your brush. Our MAKO Wok is pre-seasoned, so you can use it immediately. Dry your wok with a clean kitchen towel or place it over a medium heat until no moisture remains.


Always let your wok cool down before using cold water, otherwise warping may occur. Once your wok is cool, clean it with warm water and your brush or a scratch-free sponge. Use as little detergent as possible because it often contains acid that may damage your patina layer or cause rust. Never put your wok in the dishwasher.

If your wok needs a little extra cleaning, pour in a small layer of water and bring it to the boil. Let the water cool down, then remove the residue with your brush or spatula. This doesn’t affect the patina layer, but it should lift away any stubborn food remains.

Wooden utensils should be handwashed and dried immediately. Do not place in the dishwasher.


After cleaning, place your wok over medium heat until no moisture remains. Then add 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil and use some paper towel to wipe the oil over the interior surface of the wok while it’s hot (be careful!). This helps protect your wok and build a beautiful patina. Now store the wok in a dry space.

Please don’t stack extra pans on top of your wok, as this may cause damage to its surface. If you do, try placing some paper towel in your wok to help protect it.

MAKO 14 Wok Lid

Unlike the MAKO Black Steel Wok, your wok lid does not need additional care once dry – no seasoning is required. Simply hand wash you Wok Lid after us in warm soapy water and towel dry.

Download: MAKO Wok Kit Use and Care Guide

What is a patina?

One of the best parts of owning a MAKO Wok is the natural patina that will build over time on the surface of your wok. This adds flavour, increases the natural non-stick ability and enhances the cooking experience. Each time you use your wok, this patina will build further.

To maintain your patina, it is important to carefully follow our cleaning and aftercare instructions.

What does patina look like?

As your patina builds, you will see your wok transform. Instead of the matte black finish you saw fresh out of the box, your wok will develop shiny, silvery and burnished qualities. This is the desirable look and finish.

What stovetops does it work on?

Because of the flat bottom, it works on all stovetops, including induction.

Can I put it in the dishwasher?

No! Please don’t put your MAKO in the dishwasher as this will damage both the wood handles and the patina layer. The Mako is very easy to clean with our handy wok brush.

Why is the wok pre-seasoned? What does this mean?

It can often take years to develop a proper seasoning on a plain carbon steel surface and be quite difficult to achieve. By pre-seasoning the MAKO Black Steel 14, we’ve accelerated the seasoning process. Meaning your wok will perform as it should – immediately – straight out of the box.

How do we pre-season the wok?

Our unique black steel is created using natural oils and heat treatment to create the natural, chemical-free, pre-seasoned wok.

MAKO Wok & Lid Set
Tax included.